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Q: Do I need to bring identification to enter the UN?

A: All visitors to the United Nations 18 years and older require government-issued photo identification issued by a Member State or an Observer State of the United Nations to enter UN Headquarters. Photo Identification must be original (no photographs nor photocopies accepted) and can include a passport, drivers licence or national identify card.

Q: When are guided tours offered?

A: Guided tours are only offered on weekdays.  However, the UN Visitors Lobby, with exhibits and UN Visitor Centre with UN Post Office and shops, is open on weekends as well, except in January and February.

Q: How can I purchase a ticket?

A: Customers are encouraged to purchase tour tickets in advance through our on-line vendor, Vendini, to guarantee a tour. However, a limited number of tickets are available at UN Headquarters for the next available tour on the day.  (Our first tour departs at 9:30am and our last tour at 4:45pm). For groups of 40 or more persons, please book through Group Reservations.

All tours last 45-60 minutes. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your tour time, we may not be able to honor your ticket, however you will be able to visit the Visitor Centre and shops. In the unlikely event that the language tour requested is not available on the day, the tour will be conducted in English.

Q: What is your ticket/reservation refund policy?

A: All sales are final.  There are no refunds nor exchanges.

Q: Can I see the GA Hall anda other chambers without joining a tour?

A: No. You have to join a tour (offered on weekdays only) to see the GA Hall and other chambers (meetings permitting).  

Q: Is there a security screening?

A: You should arrive one hour prior to your tour time in order to pass through security screening and walk to the Cashiers Desk at the back of the GA Lobby to check-in for your tour.

Q: What if I am late?

A: If you arrive more than 15 minutes late at the Cashiers Desk to check-in for your tour, your reservation will not be honoured. If your group is delayed, please call 1-212-963-7765. Please note that your group tour may be cancelled if you are running more than 15 minutes late.

Q:  Apart from English, in which other languages are tours available?

A: Language tours are usually available each day including French, Korean and Spanish.  (On the Vendini ticket page, for each day, look in the first column with the tour time and languages are noted below.)

Q: Is photography permitted?

A: Yes, the use of photography (personal cameras, camera phones) is permitted but not video recording. Also, depending on the meetings taking place, your tour guide might indicate that photography is not permitted in certain chambers.

Q: Is there a bag check or coatroom?

A: No, all coats and back packs must be carried while on tour.  Please note that large bags and backpacks are not permitted and that there are currently no left luggage facilities available. For more information, see the Security page.

Q: What are the options for purchasing food at the UN Visitor Centre?

A: The Visitors Café at the UN Visitor Centre serves a variety of international cuisine, beverages and coffees.  Vending machines selling snacks and beverages are also available. Please note: the Visitors Café is closed on weekends.

Q: If I do not have cash, is there an ATM that I can use?

A:  There is an ATM machine in the Visitor Centre near the Gift Shop.

Q: How do I contact the Visitor Centre?

A: To contact the Visitor Centre, see our contact page.

Q: Are children allowed on tour?

A: For security reasons, children under 5 years of age are not permitted on tour. However children of all ages are welcome in the UN public areas which includes the Visitor Centre.

Q: For groups that include children, how many chaperones do I need?

A: For regular guided tours, we require at least one adult to accompany each group (maximum of 20 people per group).  For Children's Tours specifically for 5-12 years old, the child/children must be accompanied on tour by their parent or guardian.

Q: Where is the drop off location for buses?

A: We encourage our visitors to arrive by public transportation, as there is no on-site parking and drop-off options are very limited. If you arrive by bus, ask your bus driver to drop you and your students onto the right side of 1st Avenue and 46th Street in front of the UN Visitors Entrance.

Q: Is there a Dress Code?

A: Yes, please dress appropriately for the international diplomatic environment of the United Nations.

Rules while visiting

The United Nations Headquarters is a workplace: delegates hold their meetings in the chambers that you are going to visit, they pass by the corridors that you will be using. Therefore, visitors are reminded to behave appropriately.

1. Silence please

Ensure that groups are quiet while before and during waiting the tour.

2. Split into groups

Be prepared to split up big groups and classes while ensuring that each group has a chaperone. Please note that a maximum of 20 people (including adults) are allowed per group. Please check with the tour coordinator on how to divide your group. Group size is subject to change.

3. Stay together 
Ensure that the group remains quiet and stays together throughout the tour, including while walking from one location to another.

4. No bathroom available on the tour route 
Unfortunately, there are limited restroom facilities available on the tour route. Bathroom facilities are available in Visitor Centre after the tour.