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Security screening is carried out before entering the United Nations Headquarters. Please arrive at least 60 minutes before the start of your tour.


For security reasons, children under 5 years of age are not permitted on tour.

Photo ID required

All visitors to the United Nations 18 years and older require government-issued photo identification issued by a Member State or an Observer State of the United Nations to enter UN Headquarters.  Photo Identification must be original (no photographs nor photocopies accepted) and can include a passport, drivers licence or national identify card.

Security pass needed to enter UNHQ

New UN Access – First go across the street from the UN to the Visitors Check-in Office at 801 First Avenue (Corner of 45th Street) before going through UN Security Screening.

Visitors to the United Nations Headquarters (with or without a tour and guests attending the Delegates Dining Room) now require a UN Security pass to enter the United Nations premises.

This security pass must be obtained at the Visitor Check-in Office at 801 First Avenue (corner of 45th Street, opposite UN Headquarters) before entering UN Security Screening. Government-issued photo identification for everyone 18 years and older must be shown to receive a pass.

For UN groups of visitors with five persons or more, only one representative of the group must present identification at the Visitors Check-in Office. The representative will be given a UN Security pass and identifying wrist bands for the remainder of the group members, who can wait outside the UN.

What (not) to bring

The following items are strictly prohibited:

  • any liquid, including water
  • cans and bottles
  • food or beverages
  • backpacks and bags larger than 14" (35cm) wide x 13" (33cm) high x 4" (10cm) deep
  • aerosol containers
  • non-aerosol spray (prescriptions for medical needs are permitted)
  • any pointed object other then pens and pencils (i.e., knives, knitting needles, letter openers, etc.)
  • electric stun guns, martial arts weapons or devices
  • guns, replica guns, ammunition, and fireworks
  • knives of any size
  • mace and pepper spray
  • razors and box cutters
  • baseball caps and sunglasses cannot be worn during the tour

The following items are allowed:

  • battery-operated electronic devices, as well as medical devices
  • cameras, video recorders, or any type of recording device
  • creams, lotions, or perfumes
  • strollers (but are not permitted on the tour route)