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SG in the UN Visitors Centre

The Secretary-General recently toured the UN Visitors Centre after 18 months of renovation in the first basement of the iconic General Assembly Building.  The staff of the Visitors Centre warmly welcomed the Secretary-General to their new space.

There are many options in the UN Visitors Centre.  Visit the Public Inquiries Counter to pick up some publications, purchase a book at the UN Bookshop, post your mail with UN stamps, check the items at the UN Gift Shop or the counters of UNICEF, WFUNA, Women’s Guild or UNESCO.  And why not finish your visit with a refreshment at the Visitors' Café.

The general public can now enter the UN upon presentation of a government issued photo ID. Guided tours are once again taking visitors to the General Assembly Hall and all renovated UN chambers can once again be seen.  The UN Visitors Entrance is at 46th Street and 1st Avenue.