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The UN Visitor Centre is closed on weekends during January and February 2017.


UN Stamps & Post Office

For the pleasure of stamp collectors around the world, the United Nations issues its own stamps which can be used to mail cards and letters deposited inside UN Headquarters. Visitors can purchase official stamps and cards at the UN Stamp Shop located in the Visitor Centre. Visitors can also create their own UN stamps with photos taken at the Personalized Stamp Shop also located in the Visitor Centre. Like regular stamps, these personalized stamps can be used to mail cards and letters to family and friends around the world

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UN Bookshop

The UN Bookshop, located in the Visitor Centre, carries the latest titles published by the United Nations and by other international publishers. You can also find a wide range of children’s books, posters, language publications, dictionaries, travel guides, music, postcards, and toys as well as a unique selection of gifts and souvenirs featuring the UN Logo.

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UN Gift Centre

The UN Gift Centre in the Visitor Centre sells unique traditional handicrafts, gifts and accessories, miniature United Nations flags as well as those of all Member states. In addition to United Nations and New York City souvenirs, you will be amazed at the unique selection of merchandise from countries around the world.

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UN Women's Guild

Support the UN Women’s Guild (UNWG), located in the Visitor Centre, by purchasing gift items such as wish pearls, tote bags, T-shirts, hats, calendars and paper balloons, just to name a few. Proceeds from sales are used to help children in need around the world.

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World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA)

WFUNA has an information desk and sales counter located in the Visitor Centre. WFUNA offers a small but valuable array of items such as designers’ lithographs, tote bags, and UN t-shirts. WFUNA is a peoples'' movement in support of the United Nations, created in 1946 - one year after the establishment of the UN. Today, the Federation has become a global network of hundreds of thousands of people linked together through United Nations Associations.
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The Visitors Café at the UN Visitor Centre serves a variety of international cuisine and culinary classics, including hand-rolled sushi, flatbread pizzas, warm paninis, heros and European baguette sandwiches, mezze snack plates and cheese n' fruit platters. The menu is complimented by a fine assortment of bottled beverages, fresh-made pastries and Starbucks coffee, espresso and frappuccino. Please note: the Visitors Café is closed on weekends.

Vending machines selling snacks and beverages are available in the Visitor Centre at the end of the tour.  At UN Headqurters, the Delegates'' Dining Room offers a prix fixed buffet lunch with breathtaking views of the East River.

Bathroom facilities are available in the Visitor Centre.