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The award winning designs of the UN Visitor Centre.

The new design for the United Nations Visitor Centre won the 2014 American Inhouse Design Awards for Best Brand in the Public Service category. Our graphic designer was Nora Rosansky and the website designer was John Gillespie. The United Nations Visitor Centre design was used on our website, signage and business cards.

The design was developed in close cooperation with the Visitors’ Services Section and features a stylized representation of the United Nations Secretariat Building. By combining different architectural elements of the iconic Headquarters with a “retro” font (Gotham Bold), the design celebrates the history of the building and of the guided tours which marked their 60th anniversary in 2012. The colour scheme revolves around “UN blue” with varying shades, as well as grey, completing the palate.

One characteristic all visitors have in common is that they explore and discover spaces. Based on this concept of space and volume, the shapes used in the branding are reminiscent of architectural details. The end result is a logo that is contemporary and that echoes the interiors found within the United Nations complex.

A clean typeface is used for legibility of materials at all sizes and in all six official languages. The Visitor Centre logo is a graphic representation of the values for which it stands: historic, yet modern, inviting and diverse. When used correctly, it identifies the Centre to the world, expressing its personality, appearance and voice with a brand image that is corporate and yet focused on the human aspect.

The website design is based on the guidelines for the Visitor Centre logo and incorporates elements of the historical building, as well as the idea of “guiding” visitors through information. The result is a clean, uncluttered and “classic” feel. At the same time, the site design incorporates the best available technology (including mobile compatibility) to make it very user-friendly and intuitive to use.

The UN Graphic Design Unit was the single biggest winner this year with 11 winning entries from more than 4,500 entries received by the Graphic Design USA awards. Congratulations to our award-winning UN team!

For more than five decades, Graphic Design USA has sponsored competitions that spotlight areas of excellence. The American Inhouse Design Awards is the original and the biggest showcase for outstanding work by inhouse designers, recognizing designers for their talent, for the special challenges they face and, for the value they bring to their businesses and institutions.