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The following Speakers Biographies are examples of the types of speakers available and their backgrounds. Please note: this is just a sample of some of our speakers; there are many more available on a range of topics.  Speakers are usually chosen for a briefing based on the topic requested and their availability.



Mona Ali Khalil
Senior Legal Officer in the Office of the Legal Counsel of the UN Office of Legal Affairs (OLA)
Topics: UN Charter, International Law, UN Peacekeeping, Security Council Sanctions, Counter-terrorism
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Ms. Khalil joined OLC in 1993 where she is currently serving as the head of the peacekeeping team as well as the lead lawyer on the Security Council sanctions regimes, including the UN counter-terrorism regime. During her UN career, she has served on several special assignments most recently as the UN legal adviser to the Joint OPCW-UN Mission for the Elimination of the Syrian Chemical Weapons Programme.

Ms. Khalil has a B.A. in International Relations and a Masters in Middle East Studies from Harvard University. She also has a Masters in Foreign Service and a Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University.

Tracy Brown
Liaison/Public Information Officer and Deputy Director, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Office at the United Nations
Topics: Atoms for peace and development, nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear safety and nuclear security.
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Ms. Brown is the Liaison/Public Information Officer and Deputy Director in the New York Office of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), an international organization which works to promote the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology, safely and securely, while guarding against its use for nuclear weapons. Because of its harmful effects, the technology must be used responsibly.

The IAEA welcomes the opportunity to brief the public, particularly young people, about its important, unique and often misunderstood work. Most people are aware of the contribution of the technology toward the production of the electricity; but few are aware of its positive contribution to other fields such as human health, food, water and the environment.

Ewen Buchanan
Information Officer, Information and Outreach Branch, UN Office of Disarmament Affairs (ODA)
Topics: Disarmament, Weapons of Mass Destruction
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Mr. Ewen Buchanan is currently the Information Officer at the Information and Outreach Branch of the UN Office of Disarmament Affairs.  Previously, he worked on overseeing the elimination of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and served in the British Foreign Service.

Mr. Buchanan was born in Edinburgh, UK and studied at the University of Aberdeen, UK earning a Master of Arts degree. His second Master’s degree is in International Public Policy from John’s Hopkins University, Washington D.C.


Tamara Cummings-John
Legal Officer in Office of Legal Counsel, Office of Legal Affairs (OLA)
Topics: Legal Affairs, Human Rights
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Ms. Cummings-John currently works as a legal officer in the Office of Legal Counsel, Office of Legal Affairs at the United Nations with a focus ion the International Criminal Court. Previously, Ms. Cummings-John worked at the Special Court for Sierra Leone managing the disclosure of documents in pre-trial phase of the Charles Taylor case and conducted in depth research into child soldiers and forced marriages.

Ms. Cummings-John has a Master’s degree in International and Comparative Legal Studies with a specialization in human rights law from the School of African and Oriental Studies, University of London. She speaks English, French and has conversational knowledge of Swahili and Spanish.

Ramu Damodaran
Chief, UN Academic Impact Initiative, Outreach Division, Department of Public Information (DPI)
Topics: Public Information, International Relations
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Mr. Damodaran is chief of the United Nations Academic Impact initiative, which aligns institutions of higher learning and research with the objectives of the United Nations and the States and peoples who constitute it. He is also the Secretary of the United Nations Committee on Information.

He was a member of the Indian Foreign Service and was promoted to the rank of Ambassador. Mr. Damodaran served as Executive Assistant to the Prime Minister of India and served in diplomatic missions in Moscow and to the United Nations.

Peter Dawkins
Chief, Web Services, Digital and Promotion Branch, News and Media Division
Topics: Public Information, Campaigns
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Peter Dawkins is the Chief of Web Services in the United Nations Department of Public Information. He is responsible for the department’s digital communication strategy and planning and has oversight on numerous UN websites such as UN.ORG and the websites of the UN General Assembly, UN Security Council, President of the General Assembly and UN Secretary-General, in all six UN official languages.  In addition, Peter has oversight on the main UN social media accounts in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. 

Peter has previously worked for UNICEF, the European Union and in the private sector specializing in branding, marketing, knowledge management, digital strategy and communications.