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UN Visitor Centre - An Award Winning Design

The award winning designs of the UN Visitor Centre.

The new design for the United Nations Visitor Centre won the 2014 American Inhouse Design Awards for Best Brand in the Public Service category. Our graphic designer was Nora Rosansky and the website designer was John Gillespie. The United Nations Visitor Centre design was used on our website, signage and business cards.


UN Delegates Dining Room Reopens!

The buffet and stunning views of the Delegates" Dining Room.


After extensive renovations, the Delegates Dining Room at UN Headquarters in New York has reopened to the public for its famous lunch buffet. It isn't every day that the public get to sit with ambassadors, delegates, and other international dignitaries, but that's precisely what the Delegates Dining Room offers, along with breath-taking views of the East River, including Roosevelt Island with its new Four Freedoms Park, and the Long Island City waterfront.