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The one-hour UN Virtual Tour offers an exciting opportunity to explore the United Nations from the comfort of your home. You will have a chance to meet live one of our multilingual tour guides who will take you on a virtual journey through the history of the United Nations and speak about the Organization’s work in addressing global challenges. 

Through an interactive experience, you will learn how the United Nations addresses issues such as disarmament, peace and security, and human rights, and how you can support the Sustainable Development Goals.

To ignite your virtual journey, we have selected for you a collection of fascinating images of the famous General Assembly Hall and the Security Council Chamber while showing some of the works of art decorating the inside of the United Nations Headquarters. Our beautifully designed presentation will provide you with an exclusive educational and engaging online experience.

DURATION: All UN Virtual Tour sessions are 60 minutes long, including a Q&A with the tour guide. 


On the occasion of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebrated in May, Visitors Services in New York is pleased to launch its new United Nations Focus on Asia & the Pacific Virtual Tour.  The one-hour tour highlights specific examples of how the UN works with Member States in the region to advance shared priorities in the areas of peace and security, sustainable development, and human rights.

Among other subjects, participants will learn about peace efforts in Timor-Leste and Myanmar, contributions of notable figures from the region to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the establishment of Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone treaties across Asia and the Pacific, and current UN initiatives to promote the rights of indigenous peoples and Climate Action goals, including Responsible Production and Consumption in the region.

Two of our multilingual tour guides will meet you live and take you on this virtual journey to showcase the impactful contributions of Asia & the Pacific, all while shining a light on the interconnected nature of this region with the UN and the rest of the world.


To mark Black History Month, United Nations Visitors Services in New York invites you to take a special Black History Tour, starting on Martin Luther King Jr Day, 18 January. Offered in an online format this year, the Black history-themed tour of the United Nations will provide you a unique look at how the lives of people of African descent have intertwined with the mission of the United Nations in fields such as peace and security and human rights, with a special emphasis on decolonization. 

You will learn about the Transatlantic Slave Trade (1500-1900), the victory over apartheid, and about the Ark of Return, a permanent memorial in honour of the victims of slavery, located on the United Nations Visitors Plaza.  Through the lens of the United Nations and its work, the tour is a source of inspiration for the fight against all forms of prejudice, racial discrimination and social injustice. 


On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Visitors Services will offer its special Focus on Women Tour as of 8 March and throughout the month. The tour introduces significant women in UN history and today (e.g. Eleanor Roosevelt, Amina Mohammed, Michelle Bachelet) and covers topics such as: Resolution 1325, the unique contribution and growing numbers of female peacekeepers, women’s contribution in the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human RightsSDG 5 on gender equality and how it connects to other goals, the Beijing Platform of ActionGeneration Equality, and various General Assembly resolutions that highlight international action on women’s issues. The tour also highlights significant works of art at UN Headquarters, such as the traditional Mola-style tapestry made by indigenous women (gift of Panama), located in the General Assembly Lobby.


The United Nations Headquarters buildings in New York City are an iconic part of the Manhattan skyline and their architecture embodies the spirit of cooperation, equality and transparency which is central to the United Nations’ work. The UNHQ Architecture Tour takes an insider’s look at the UN Headquarters’ architectural elements and examines the process behind the “Workshop for Peace”: the group of internationally renowned architects who designed the buildings, including Oscar Niemeyer and Le Corbusier. Using historical photographs and original architectural drawings, your tour guide walks you through the design process and explores how the United Nations came to be headquartered in New York City.

Virtual visitors will be able to connect the vision and purpose of the United Nations to its architectural appearance, represented in the design of the conference chambers and unique architectural features such as the world’s first glass curtain wall. Built on “special status diplomatic territory”, the UN buildings stand out as a symbol of the monumental time in history 75 years ago when nations came together to create a structure that would be home to the people of all nations, cultures, and traditions.


After you take a UN Virtual Tour, our Speakers Bureau provides your group a chance to interact with a United Nations expert.

Online briefings are appropriate for a range of groups, including students (high school and above), educators, civic and business leaders, NGOs, etc.  Topics can range from peacekeeping and human rights to the Sustainable Development Goals and the UN’s work on disarmament. 

DURATION: A virtual UN Tour plus Online Briefing session is 90-120 minutes long, including Q&A with a UN expert speaker. 

Requests should be made a minimum of 4 weeks in advance


We recommend a maximum of 20 to 30 persons per online session to keep the tour or briefing engaging and interactive, making sure the tour guide and/or speaker has enough time to answer all questions. 

If your group is larger than 30 people, we recommend scheduling separate sessions in the interest of preserving the quality of the experience and interaction with the tour guide or speaker.


Our meeting sessions are scheduled on Microsoft Teams.  A meeting link will be shared with you after your booking is confirmed.

If you prefer to use your own platform, please indicate this on the form and we will review your request. In this case, we would ask you to host and moderate the event and share the meeting link with us.

As a matter of policy, please note that recording the online sessions is not permitted.


For Individual Tickets:

Rates for individual tickets to join our public tours are:

Adult: $10.00
Senior (60 and over): US $8.00
Youth (21 and younger): US $8.00

Teachers, First responders, UN Peacekeepers, and Members of UN Associations, please contact us for special rates and discounts.


For Group Tickets:

A 60-minute UN Virtual Tour costs US $200.  Discounts for Title 1 schools apply.

A 90-120 minute session including a UN Virtual Tour + Online Briefing costs US $300*.

*This price is for a Virtual Tour and an Online Briefing taking place on the same day. If these events are happening on two separate dates, then the cost is $200 for each.

Online sessions can be paid by credit card after your booking is confirmed. We accept all major credit cards for payment. Please note that an additional 3% booking fee will apply.


To book the UN Virtual Tour, the Black History Tour, the UN Architecture Tour, or a combination with an Online Briefing, please CLICK HERE.  

Tours and briefings in languages other than English may be available upon request. 

For Individual Tickets for the UN Virtual Tour, the Black History Tour, the UN Architecture Tour, please note that other days and times may be available upon request by contacting us at: