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The one-hour UN Virtual Tour offers an exciting opportunity to explore the United Nations from the comfort of your home. You will have a chance to meet live one of our multilingual tour guides who will take you through the Organization’s history with a focus on the current work of its principal organs. 

Through an interactive experience, you will learn how the United Nations addresses issues such as disarmament, peace and security, and human rights, and how you can support the Sustainable Development Goals.

To ignite your virtual journey, we have selected for you a collection of fascinating images of the famous General Assembly Hall and the Security Council Chamber while showing some of the works of art decorating the inside of the United Nations Headquarters. Our beautifully designed presentation will provide you with an exclusive educational and engaging online experience.

DURATION: UN Virtual Tour sessions are 60 minutes long, including a Q&A with the tour guide. 

We are currently only taking group bookings for virtual tours. Please continue to check back regularly for updates on additional online activities, including public tours for individual participants.


After you take a UN Virtual Tour, our Speakers Bureau provides your group a chance to interact with a United Nations expert.

Online briefings are appropriate for a range of groups, including students (high school and above), educators, civic and business leaders, NGOs, etc.  Topics can range from peacekeeping and human rights to the Sustainable Development Goals and the UN’s work on disarmament. 

DURATION: A virtual UN Tour plus Online Briefing session is 90-120 minutes long, including Q&A with a UN expert speaker. 

Requests should be made a minimum of 4 weeks in advance


We recommend a maximum of 20 to 30 persons per online session to keep the tour or briefing engaging and interactive, making sure the tour guide and/or speaker has enough time to answer all questions. 

If your group is larger than 30 people, we recommend scheduling separate sessions in the interest of preserving the quality of the experience and interaction with the tour guide or speaker.


Our meeting sessions are scheduled on Microsoft Teams.  A meeting link will be shared with you after your booking is confirmed.

If you prefer to use your own platform, please indicate this on the form and we will review your request. In this case, we would ask you to host and moderate the event and share the meeting link with us.

As a matter of policy, please note that recording the online sessions is not permitted.


A 60-minute UN Virtual Tour costs US $200.  Discounts for Title 1 schools apply.

A 90-120 minute session including a UN Virtual Tour + Online Briefing costs US $300.

Online sessions can be paid by credit card after your booking is confirmed.

We accept all major credit cards for payment. Please note that an additional 3% booking fee will apply.


To book the UN Virtual Tour, or a combination with an Online Briefing, please CLICK HERE.  Our Reservations Team will contact you regarding availability and payment after you submit a request form.

Tours and briefings in languages other than English may be available upon request.